The Homemaker's Club ® Podcast

#23 Restoration of Home: Katie DeGroot

February 27, 2023 Ashley Cravens Season 1 Episode 23
The Homemaker's Club ® Podcast
#23 Restoration of Home: Katie DeGroot
Show Notes

After a three month sabbatical, it feels so good to be back on the podcast! It was definitely a much needed time of rest and restoration, and I couldn't be happier about being back at the table chatting about all things heart and home with my friends and fellow homemakers!

You will be happy to hear the familiar voice of my friend, Katie DeGroot, she joined me on Episode 13 as we discussed what it's like going against the grain of our hyper-capitalistic society and choosing to prioritize home above anything else society deems important and successful. It is such an honor and privilege to have her back!

In this week's episode, we gathered together to chat about the restoration of home that we are seeing online and in our communities, and how we are pioneers of both navigating and making home in the fast-paced world that lies further ahead of us while combining the skills and traditions of the past. It is our hope that at the end of this episode you are left with encouragement and knowing that the decision you are making to prioritize home is a grand and noble one and that we provide you with some thought-provoking ways in which you can find comfort, value, and success in this wildly beautiful and impactful vocation that we call, homemaking.

A few little things that were mentioned in today's episode + the coordinating details:

1. Say hello to your fellow homemaker, Katie on Instagram, here!
2. Hear our past conversation in Episode 13, here.
2. Access Katie and Abbie's publication, "Hopeful Homemaking: A Guide", here. You can hear a bit about this publication briefly on both Episode 13 and 20.
4. Episode 20 with Abbie is accessible here, where we discuss Traditions and Quality Time. And say hello to Abbie on Instagram, here!