The Homemaker's Club ® Podcast

#17 Through the Seasons: Lana Stenner

September 05, 2022 Ashley Cravens Season 1 Episode 17
The Homemaker's Club ® Podcast
#17 Through the Seasons: Lana Stenner
Show Notes

In this week’s episode, my friend Lana and I discuss all things about creating and preserving traditions in our homes, useful skills that we can learn within our homes that will meet the needs of those entrusted in our care, and why we believe homemaking and homesteading are so beautifully connected to one another. My guest, Lana Stenner (on Instagram @lanastenner), is known for her presence for elevating her voice and love of faith, family, and farm life.

It is our hope that by the end of our conversation, you’ll be encouraged in knowing that your role as a homemaker doesn’t end when your children have flown the nest, that you’ll be inspired to establish traditions of both old and new within your home and be encouraged to embrace aspects of homesteading into your homemaking journey!

A few little things that were mentioned in today's episode + the coordinating details:

1.       Preorder Lana’s new book, The Grace Filled Homestead, available here.

2.       Lana’s podcast, The Grace Filled Grit, found here.

3.       Lana’s free One Year Bible Reading Plan, available here.

4.       Lana’s website, blog, and academy.


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