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#15 Tech in Homes: Molly DeFrank

August 22, 2022 Ashley Cravens Season 1 Episode 15
The Homemaker's Club ® Podcast
#15 Tech in Homes: Molly DeFrank
Show Notes

In this week's episode, my friend Molly DeFrank joins me as we discuss the impact that technology has on the home life and how to create a healthy balance that works for your family, using her tried and true method shared in her book, "Digital Detox: The Two-Week Tech Reset for Kids".

"We enjoy digital entertainment. We like technology. We don't want to banish it forever. We just want it to be working for us rather than feeling stuck and enslaved to it. So how do we make a long-term plan for our family that we can sustain our results, but also bring it back in."

"For me as a person of faith, I think about God telling his people how they should parent their kids and he gives so much freedom here in styles of parenting, but one of the things he said is train your kids up and talk about me when you're going along the road, when you're laying down, when you're getting up. We're living in a culture where all of those moments, all those in between times, they're all filled with a device. They're filling every single moment that historically families have used to connect, those little pockets of boredom. They're not there anymore because we're filling them up. So, when you take them away, you're actually giving yourself, and your home, and your kids an opportunity... pocket moments to connect with each other." - Molly DeFrank (@mollydefrank on Instagram)

You can purchase Molly's book "Digital Detox" here, where you'll also receive a handful of freebies with your purchase that will be useful, such as the kitchen table discussion prompts and scripts for approaching the implementation of a "digital detox" in your home that we discussed in this week's episode! (Note: Don't forget to add your order/receipt number at the bottom of her website to receive your freebies!)


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