The Homemaker's Club ® Podcast

#13 Against the Grain: Katie Degroot

July 18, 2022 Ashley Cravens Season 1 Episode 13
The Homemaker's Club ® Podcast
#13 Against the Grain: Katie Degroot
Show Notes

In this week's episode, my friend Katie and I discuss the movement of women claiming their homes with home and intention for changing the course of their homes and those entrusted in their care, the future for the next generations, and as aid in a homesick world... even when it goes against the grain of modern society.

"I think we've kind of come to a place where what's being presented to us as an option really isn't working and we want something different. I don't necessarily think it's about a return to the past, what I think it's about is going forward into something else." - Katie Degroot (@katherinelouisedegroot on Instagram)

A few little things that were mentioned in today's episode + the coordinating details:

1. Katie's friend, Abby (@thefranzschoolhouse on Instagram) who is the co-author, alongside Katie, of the beautiful guide for homemaking, linked below.

2. Hopeful Homemaking: A Guide, available here.

3. The podcast with Liz Marie Galvan (@lizmariegalvan on Instagram), discussing Making Home Cozy, available to listen here.


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