The Homemaker's Club ® Podcast

#4 Traditions + Home Culture: Kristin Cash

May 09, 2022 Ashley Cravens Season 1 Episode 4
The Homemaker's Club ® Podcast
#4 Traditions + Home Culture: Kristin Cash
Show Notes

My friend Kristin and I invite you to listen in as we discuss what we believe to be cornerstones in the cultivation of our homes and the culture in which we intend to create. From traditions of both old and new, and the images of home that were planted in our heart's upbringings, we believe that through homemaking, we are building a rich home culture. A rich home culture that we pray will leave a lasting impact on the lives entrusted in our care, and for the generations to follow.
"I love to have them (my children) scurrying around to create that culture of being seen and wanted. That they are a part of it, they don't just live here, but they are connected to their home, they are a part of their home. It makes such a difference to me because I felt that so much more deeply when I would visit my grandmother. I felt like I was a part of her day and a part of her home, and I just want my kids to know that when they leave, that culture is still bringing them back here, they can always come home and be connected." - Kristin Cash @ouralaskanlegacy on Instagram
A few little things that were mentioned in today’s episode + the coordinating details:

Kristin's Book Tapestry of Grace
Fellow homemaker Jennifer Pepito @thepeacefulpress on Instagram
1,000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp
Way Maker by Ann Voskamp

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